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Scientific commitee FARO

FARO board.
Manufacturers and processors of all industrial metals that through regular meetings and discussions are able to express the market situation of the industry.

Members of the board 2014 and represented sectors:

•Paolo Kauffmann: President 
•Laura Montelatici: Copper - Production of copper alloys and rolled products
•Roberta Maroni: Aluminum - Production of primary aluminium
•Sergio Maggini: Zinc - Production of oxides
•Roberto Cavani: Copper, Aluminium - End User
•Mario Bertoli: Aluminum - Extrusion 
•Paolo Menossi: Aluminum - Trading of primary products
•Mario Conserva: Non Ferrous metals - Aluminium industry
•Piero Lagattolla: Lead - Production of primary products
•Franco Zanardi: Ferrous metals - Cast iron foundries
•Giuseppe Pasini: Steel - Production of long products
•Romano Pezzotti: Ferrous metals - Scraps trader


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