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With a twenty years experience of Kauffmann & Sons in training and organization of FARO the International Commodities Club, in 2012 a new cycle has opened.

FARO, which stands for Training and Research Update Observation, launches FARO Up, synonymous of update, continuous growth and expansion of knowledge.

FARO Up is the training program for the management, on topics such as risk management, lean production, budget monitoring for fiscal issues, and much more.

Kauffmann&Sons presents:


Inter-firms or in housing formation courses

Kauffmann&Sons courses can be studied and created on the bases of every single customer.

The main topics are:

  • How stocks work, in particularly the London Metal Exchange;
  • Price formation (contango e backwardation);
  • Possible risks related to the commodity purchasing;
  • Financial instruments on the London Metal Exchange: futures, options, tapos;
  • Hedging strategies – Classical or dynamic hedging;
  • Practical aspects of the hedging (opening an account, executive limits, etc);
  • Technical analysis.

A personalized support for your purchasing and coverage’ strategies.

  • Needed executive information
  • Comfortably from your office
  • Always there for you

A specialist personalized consultancy to be used to:

  • Analyze the market situation in some particular moments and evaluate possible hedging operations to implement, taking into account specific needs of the company;
  • Check the performed operations and the right application of the method to work successfully;
  • Evaluate possible mistakes and reinforce the knowledge regarding the trading techniques;
  • Ask for specific materials information according to your needs (e.g. news, documents reduction/graphics etc… )
  • This consultancy service is based on firm’s different requirements. We are going to decide together with you if what you need is a series of specific in house advice meetings or some online video-conference connections with our analysts.